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– WILDE – Art Exhibition by Jill L’Estrange

- WILDE - Art Exhibition by Jill L'Estrange

– WILDE – Art Exhibition by Jill L’Estrange



Jill L’Estrange


Art Exhibition in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

Jill L’Estrange
12th – 28th July

Abstract artist Jill L’Estrange brings her art exhibition to Powerscourt Centre next week. The exhibition will run from July 12th – 28th and all work on show will be available to buy. Join her for the special opening night on Thursday 12th July @6:30-8:00pm feel free to pop along & be one of the first to see the exhibition.

The Wilde Collection was created by Jill L’Estrange for one of the former homes of world renowned Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. The first half of the collection is curated, as part of a permanent exhibition in that house, now the newly converted Strand Hotel, in Bray, Co Wicklow.

The primary theme of the exhibition is the exploration of the scenery of the nineteenth century Ireland in which Wilde grew up, with locations from his youth abstractly interpreted. Inspiration for the collection was taken not only in the seafront location of Wilde’s former home in Bray, but also from his travels across Ireland, particularly to his family’s summer home of Moytura House, overlooking Lough Corrib. Studies of the open sea are balanced with lake views, and the endless rolling greenery of the Irish countryside, as vast and open as it would have been in his day. Many paintings focus on the relationship between land and water, whether sea or lake.

When creating the Wilde Collection, Jill’s intention was to artistically embody a sense of the wild and unpredictable atmosphere of Ireland, the tempestuous climate synonymous with her home country. Her desire was to portray a sense of the everchanging firmament. Though often lamented for its unpredictability, beauty lies in skies overcast with heaving charcoal clouds, often revealing slips of light, bringing with them the hope of sunshine. Some of the more dramatic pieces reflect the impulsive unruliness of nature, captured by a sense of reckless abandonment. The collection strives to evoke feeling and emotion, to stir memories of the Irish countryside, juxtaposed with the transience of life. We are merely caretakers of the scenery of Oscar Wilde’s all too brief time on earth.

Jill is an abstract expressionist artist, working predominantly in oil paint. She is drawn to the heaviness and textural capabilities found in oil, and enjoys layering these to create rich effects on both canvas and paper. She allows the paint to dictate some of the end result, and a fluid evolution of exploration to dominate her process. Her artworks reflect not only something visual, but also an emotion and state of mind; a place and feeling; a deeper connection. As Jill reflects, Art is something I lose myself within, and to me it is a calming escape from the weight of life. As a very visual person, I find inspiration all around me. My surroundings and experiences in life dictate much of my motivation to create. Based in Ireland, I want to use my art to show the beauty of this small island, very often reflected in my landscape and seascape pieces.

All of the works are available to purchase.
Telephone: 087 659 1441 / Email: jill@lestrangeart.com


Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Jill has always had a passion for all things creative. Her love of art was instilled at a very early age, watching her grandfather paint, encouraging her to draw alongside him. After receiving a First Class Honours Degree in Architecture from University College Dublin, Jill worked across the globe in Paris, New York, Beijing and London. This opportunity to immerse herself in other cultures and environments acts as a solid foundation of inspiration within her creative pursuits. As well as being an artist, Jill also runs a successful interior design firm, L’Estrange Designs, who specialise in hospitality design.

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