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Rain create luxury handmade bath & body products using natural ingredients with African botanical actives. Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, craftspeople and the environment.

Indigenous plants used since antiquity by African healers are the heart and soul of the Rain range. Our products include extracts and oils from Kalahari melons, Mongongo nuts, Marula fruit, Mafura seeds, the pods of the giant Baobab and the delicate fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, all packed with antioxidants, moisturizers and nutrients to protect and replenish your skin. These African botanicals are sustainably harvested in the wild by knowledgeable local women and blended with locally-grown natural ingredients to create luxuriously soft, delicately fragranced bath and body treats and treatments which deliver tangible results

In a highly industrialised world, where our skin is exposed to many harmful and unseen elements, it is becoming increasingly more important to care for your body and mind and use the natural goodness and benefits that are so abundant on our planet. True beauty comes from within – from a heart and attitude of giving. We believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while caring for your body and skin. Our Spa with Soul Concept encompasses de-stressing and relaxation to rejuvenate the mind and body. Rain provides the benefits of Spa style products so that you can pamper yourself at leisure in your own home. Our products are produced to benefit your skin, while caring for the well-being of all people involved in crafting Rain products and caring for our planet.

Before any product reaches our shelves, it is not only tested for efficacy and safety, but subjected to a strict environmental audit. The all-natural ingredients we use are harmless to the environment (and your skin), unlike the synthetic chemicals used by industrial manufacturers. Wherever possible, our paper and fabric packaging is handmade, natural, biodegradable and recyclable. We conserve energy and minimize our carbon emissions by sourcing local ingredients and raw materials and replacing machines with human hands.


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