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Flowers at Powerscourt

Flowers at Powerscourt

Flowers at Powerscourt

Flowers at the Powerscourt Centre

It’s impossible to miss the blossoming flowers that have sprung up to coincide with the wonderful warm weather we’re experiencing. Dublin is starting to resemble the Mediterranean thanks to all of the colourful blooms popping up all over the city. Last weekend saw the launch of Bloom Fringe at Powerscourt Townhouse, an initiative that sees dull and dreary parts of the city turn bright and cheerful thanks to floral spectacles created by Esther Gerrard and Marion Keogh of “Bláth Cliath”.

The Garden and The Bonsai Shop  in Powerscourt Centre helped to contribute to the gorgeous Bonsai themed displays in the Townhouse during the event. For The Garden, this was nothing new. They are renowned for enhancing some of Dublin’s landmarks with their stunning arrangements, including their additions to the Ha’penny Bridge for its 200th birthday in May this year. As well as decking out some of Dublin’s best known landmarks, The Garden also caters to private functions and weddings. Their foliage garlands and floral creations add a whimsical feel to any room when paired with candles and lights, making the perfect feature for a Summer banquet whether indoors or outside.

The Bonsai Shop is one of a kind in Ireland, being the only shop that deals exclusively in bonsai trees and accessories in the country. Having showcased a selection of their Irish-grown trees during Bloom Fringe, The Bonsai Shop offers a myriad of sizes to suit every occasion, perfect if you’re looking to add an oriental twist to your event or gift a botany enthusiast friend with something they’ll love. The trees are grown in Ireland over 35 years, making them modest by bonsai standards but unique from other species of the trees that are imported from the east.

We’re sure there will be plenty more to look forward to from these two over the summer months!

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