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Farrier & Draper

Farrier & Draper

Farrier & Draper is a new establishment that looks to combine the influences and history of Powerscourt Townhouse to create an atmospheric and upmarket experience in its bars, while Italian influences take reign in the restaurant downstairs.

Farrier & Draper connects the contemporary and historical roles that South William Street and Powerscourt Townhouse played in the life of the city centre. In the 18th century, the house was still in use as a lodging for those visiting Dublin to attend the Anglo-Irish parliament on College Green (or for those who wanted to sample the range of illicit activities tolerated within its walls). At that time the coach houses were run by Farriers from the French Ferrière who cared for and shoed the horses. When the use of the building changed to that of a centre for fashion – housing Ireland’s largest wholesale drapery – Drapers (also derived from the French) would have become the public face of commerce in the building. These trades – once associated to the lower or middle class – now have stronger connections with the lives of the rich and influential.

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